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Virtual STEM summer program for incoming students

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Course Materials Assistance

Access items needed for class

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Loaner Laptop Program

Borrow a MacBook or PC laptop

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STEM Tutoring

Access private tutoring for a STEM course

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Yes! The Duke University Library keeps copies of the textbooks for the 100 biggest courses on
campus on reserve. All students can borrow the books for up to 3 hours.

Yes! Arianne Hartsell-Gundy is the dedicated 1G/LI Success Librarian. She can help you
navigate these resources and learn research strategies.

FLUNCH them! The FLUNCH (faculty + lunch) program provides funding to undergrads so
they can invite their professors to a free lunch on campus. It’s a great way to connect with your
professor in an informal way. Professors LOVE to be asked to FLUNCH!

Search the Undergrad Research Support office’s database of research opportunities.