LIFE STEM Tutoring Support

STEM Tutoring Support

DukeLIFE STEM Tutoring support will resume on January 22, 2024 for the Spring 2024 academic semester. LIFE students can book up to 3 individual tutoring sessions per week. Appointments can now be booked using Penji. Instructions for accessing this resource can be found below. 

  1. Create an account on Penji using your Duke email address 
  2. On the left side of the screen underneath “settings” you will need to switch to the “DukeLIFE” community.
  3. Select the course that you would like to book an appointment for. DukeLIFE supports select high need STEM courses.
  4. Select the date and time that works best for your schedule
  5. After you have selected a date/time, you will be prompted to select a tutor.
  6. Select a tutor and book your appointment.

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.  How long are sessions?
    • Sessions are one-hour long
  2. Where do I meet with my tutor?
    • Appointments can be face-to-face or virtual. After you book your session(s) you will need to coordinate with your tutor to decide where you would like to meet. 
  3. Do I have to pay for tutoring sessions?
    • No, DukeLIFE covers the cost of your session(s) 
  4. What do I do if DukeLIFE does not have a tutor listed for a course I need help with
    • The first step would be to request a tutor for the course through Penji. Please keep in mind this does not guarantee DukeLIFE will be able to provide support. The second option would be to utilize tutoring support through the Academic Resource Center. The Academic Resource Center offers group tutoring, SAGE communities, learning consultations and more.