LIFE STEM Tutoring Grant Award

Announcement: The STEM Tutoring Grant is closed for Summer 2022. We will reopen the application in the fall. 

DukeLIFE students may apply for stipends to alleviate the burdens associated with the cost of working individually with a tutor to support their achievement in STEM courses. A student’s one-on-one work with a tutor should complement, rather than replace, their use of resources available through the Academic Resource Center, such as SAGE study groups, group tutorials, and learning consultations. We expect to make awards between $250 and $900.


  • DukeLIFE undergraduates who are actively enrolled in either Trinity or Pratt and who have demonstrated high financial need as indicated in their financial aid records. The DukeLIFE office notified all students who meet the financial eligibility criteria for the 2021-2022 academic year on September 16, 2021.
  • We encourage students to have an existing agreement with a tutor when applying for funding.
  • Each student may receive a DukeLIFE STEM Tutoring Stipend once per academic year.


  1. Complete and submit the application form. Provide all requested information. Applications will be reviewed according to the calendar attached to the application.
  2. Set up non-compensatory direct deposit. Students whose applications are approved will receive a grant payable through the non-compensatory system. To receive the funding through direct deposit, please complete and submit a hard copy of the non-comp direct deposit form and submit it to Duke Corporate Payroll, either by in-person or by mail. Direct deposit for work-study or financial aid refunds are separate systems and do not count. If you do not submit the direct deposit form, then you will receive a paper check at your mailing address listed on Duke Hub. Please ensure that your mailing address is updated. It is common for these checks to get lost in the mail. 
  3. Electronically sign the electronic agreement form. The DukeLIFE office will send you an agreement form via Adobe E-Sign. You agree to use the funding for the purpose for which it was awarded. Once we have received the assigned form, we will process your payment.
  4. Complete post-award survey. At the end of the semester, fill out the survey to report the impact of the grant on your course persistence and performance.