Intellectual Community

Creating a culture of curiosity is at the heart of how we learn at Duke. Whether through structured living-learning communities in our QuadEx program or informal student-faculty interactions, Duke believes our lives are enriched by connecting to and learning from one another.

Enables first-semester Duke students to be exposed to ideas from the vantage point of different disciplines across the Humanities, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Enables students to examine and explore an area of scholarship by designing their own unique program of study.

Uses approved or student-proposed curricula to create specialized Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) degrees.

Duke’s new residential living and learning program.

OUSF supports members of the Duke community through the work of the Merit Scholarship Program Team (MSP), the Nationally Competitive Scholarships Team (NCS), and partnerships with a variety of other student focused groups.

Student-Faculty Engagement Office curates and maintains programs that foster relationship building for faculty and students.