Explore Duke's campus resources that assist LIFE students with discovering their interests, finding opportunities, networking, and planning career goals.


It’s okay! Schedule a meeting with an advisor from the Career Center to reflect on your
experiences and values. The advisor can help you explore and manage the many possibilities after graduation.

If you want to do an informational interview or learn more about a specific career field, use the Ask a Blue Devil platform to connect with Duke alumni.

The Career Center has a Professional Development Fund that awards $250 stipends to
sophomores, juniors, and seniors for professional attire for an interview.

Check out their Attire Guide for tips for dressing for your interview.

Students doing faculty-sponsored research in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM
fields can apply to the URS program DSURF. If you are doing research utilizing Duke Library holdings, apply for the Duke Libraries Summer Research Fellowship for LIFE Students. Students seeking arts funding should apply for the Benenson Award in the Arts.